How Do You Write an Article?

Writing an article involves selecting an idea for an article, researching the topic, creating an outline, doing the writing and reviewing it. The steps apply to news articles, feature stories, how-to pieces and editorials.

When deciding on an idea for an article, consider its purpose, the audience it is for and the tone you want to take. Think about whether the style should be formal, objective, humorous, provocative or sensationalistic. Consider whether the audience is familiar with the subject or is new to it and why readers want to read your article.

Once you have a general topic, note any ideas for the article. If your article is to be on earning money from home, you could write about earning money online, home businesses for teens, a profile of people who have developed successful home businesses or on how to publicize a home business. Try to find an approach that hasn't already been done. Once you've narrowed your concept, jot down some points you want to make and facts you want to share.

Research the topic using several sources. Your article should convey valuable information, so look for facts that are not commonly known. If the article is to be a persuasive piece, find information that supports your arguments.

Draft an outline of the article. Think of a leading statement or paragraph idea to hook the reader's attention at the beginning, Select initial facts and background information to introduce the reader to what the article covers. Organize your points in the body of the article in a logical manner. Decide on a memorable ending.

Write the article based on the outline, modifying the outline as needed.

Once your writing is done, review it. Proofread for errors and readability. Rewrite as needed and review it again until it seems perfect.