How Do You Write an Art Evaluation?

write-art-evaluation Credit: Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Getty Images

It is important to be honest and use appropriate art language when writing an art evaluation, says the BBC. A person must look at his project as a whole and discuss its strengths and weaknesses.

There are various things to consider when evaluating an artwork, explains the BBC. These considerations include the theme for the project, how the artist has developed his ideas, how his work changed through the course of the project, what artists, art movements or cultures inspired his work, and how he has improved certain skills during the project. Additionally, writing an art evaluation involves evaluating the final piece. The artist has to reference relevant work and explain how he used formal elements. He also has to discuss the materials he used, why he used them and if they worked successfully. Furthermore, it is important to state the messages the artist desired to convey in creating his artwork. provides a general checklist in writing an art evaluation, which includes assessing the line, form, tone, color and composition. A person must assess if the lines clearly articulate the forms, if the objects depicted appear solid individually and in relation to other objects, if the tone has a pleasing range of light and darkness within the painting, if there is a good sense of color harmony, and if the elements are appropriate.