How Do You Write Appropriate Letters to Your Landlord?

How Do You Write Appropriate Letters to Your Landlord?

Write an appropriate letter to your landlord by keeping your request professional and polite, including the landlord's promises in the letter, explaining the circumstances and making your request clear. Writing a letter is a good idea when communicating with a landlord because it creates a legal record of any expectations and promises.

  1. Use professional format and language in your letter

    Use a professional business letter format for any letter to your landlord, and print or type the letter. Be polite in tone. Even if you have a negative relationship with your landlord, don't resort to calling names or making threats. Make sure you identify yourself clearly, especially if you live in a large apartment complex.

  2. Repeat your landlord's promises back to him

    In your letter, confirm any promises the landlord has made in the past regarding maintenance and repair. Quote from your lease or rental agreement if necessary. If you have had difficulty reaching your landlord by phone, provide a list of the times and dates you tried to reach him.

  3. Explain the purpose of the letter

    Be very specific about the reason you are writing the letter to your landlord. If something has broken, explain exactly what broke, when it occurred and what repairs are needed. If you have had an emergency in your apartment that you had to take care of yourself, include copies of any bills you paid, and explain the actions you took to deal with the emergency. Keep a copy of the letter for your records.