How Do You Write an Appeal Letter?


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An effective appeal letter includes a well-written introduction, body and conclusion that clearly illustrates your side of the story. In order to present an objective viewpoint that strengthens your case, it is important to keep a calm tone throughout, regardless of the emotions triggered by the denial or rejection. Both hard and electronic copies must be sent to the appropriate party in business-letter format.

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The opening paragraph must introduce the writer, include the determination found by the reader's party and state the reason for the appeal. It is important to be concise and “to the point” to communicate urgency to the reader.

The ensuing paragraphs should recap the circumstances surrounding what happened, and why the reconsideration should be granted. Use written facts to legitimize your case; refer to rules and guidelines within the handbook of the organization or group. Provide relevant dates and times of particular events to solidify your case. Include testimonials from witnesses and others related to the case and include supporting documents, if necessary.

The conclusion briefly summarizes the reason for appeal. Be sure to restate the key points of emphasis around which the appeal is centered. Include your preferred method of contact and thank the reader for her time.

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