How Do You Write an APA Abstract?

How Do You Write an APA Abstract?

On a new page with the page header in place, center the heading "Abstract" in plain text. Write a brief summary of 150 to 250 words that includes your research topic, research questions, participants, methods, results, data analysis and conclusions. Indented below the body of the abstract, list keywords from your paper that guides other researchers to your work.

  1. Create an abstract page

    Following the title page of your paper, center the word "Abstract" on a new page. The heading should not be bold, enlarged or underlined in any way. The body of the abstract begins on the next line without indention.

  2. Write a brief summary of your research

    The abstract summarizes the topic of your research, the participants involved, and the methods used. You should also briefly summarize your results, the data analysis performed, and make a statement that describes your conclusions. Include implications of your research and future research questions if pertinent to the subject matter. The abstract body is written as a single paragraph and is double-spaced.

  3. Provide keywords related to your paper

    Following the body of the abstract, indent and italicize "Keywords" followed by a colon. List key words and phrases that are relevant to your paper.