How Do You Write an Analysis Paper?


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An analysis paper prompts the reader to analyze a topic, visual, or concept and make an argument that derives from personal opinion. The analysis paper should include a thesis statement that defines the claim, evidence through examples supporting the claim, and a conclusion that summarizes the main points analyzed.

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An analysis paper should begin with an introduction that establishes general details about the topic, issue, visual or piece of work that is being analyzed. The introduction should capture interest and provide a hook to engage readers and prompt them to read more. A thesis statement that details the claim should also be prominent within the essay. For example, if a student is analyzing a piece of artwork, the thesis may claim that the piece of work is a strong representation of a particular culture.

Evidence offering support for the claim should make up most of the body of an analysis paper. The writer should offer critical thoughts and reflections about the issue being analyzed and cite examples. For example, an analysis paper on a piece of artwork may offer vivid descriptions of the art, background information about the period in which it was created and the artist and provide opinionated statements criticizing or supporting the artwork's value or validity.

An analysis paper should end with a concluding paragraph that summarizes the main points and restates the thesis or claim.

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