How Do You Write a "who Am I" Essay?

There is no single correct way to go about writing a "who am I" essay. One easy way to write a "who am I" essay is to pick three characteristics about yourself and use those for the basis of the paper. Using three characteristics fits perfectly into a basic five-paragraph format with an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion.

  1. Make up a thesis

    First, brainstorm until you have decided on three characteristics that best describe you. Some examples are kind, athletic or intelligent. Try to choose characteristics with easy examples from your life to write about in the body paragraphs later on. Then, write your thesis out as some variation of "three characteristics that best sum up who I am are [your characteristics]."

  2. Finish the introduction

    Now finish the introduction by writing an opening sentence and a few brief sentences about each of the characteristics. Do not give away the examples you thought of while brainstorming, as those go in the body paragraphs. If possible, open the introduction with a witty anecdote or an example that sums up all three characteristics. The thesis goes at the end of the introduction.

  3. Write three body paragraphs

    Use the next three paragraphs to expand on the three characteristics, one in each paragraph. Begin with the most important characteristic, or the one with the best examples. Depending on the length of the paper, use one to three examples in each paragraph. Make sure every example is clearly introduced, and spend one or two sentences explaining how it demonstrates the characteristic. The conclusion of each body paragraph should form a transition to the next paragraph.

  4. Conclude the paper

    Finally, wrap up the paper with a conclusion. Reference all three of the characteristics from the thesis. Summarize the body paragraphs. The best conclusions also add something to the essay. One way to do this in a "who am I" essay is to include one to two sentences about how you want to improve yourself, or about a characteristic you wish you had. Don't forget to proofread.