How Do You Write an Admission Application Essay for the UC Prompt 2?

How Do You Write an Admission Application Essay for the UC Prompt 2?

To write a college admissions essay in response to the second essay prompt required by the University of California, choose a focus for your essay, tell a story that emphasizes how an experience changed you, and rewrite and proofread the document until your essay expresses who you are with precision and style. The second prompt of the UC application asks applicants to discuss a personal accomplishment or quality of which the applicant is proud.

  1. Choose your focus

    Choose a focus and story for your essay that reflects well on you and about which you are passionate. The actual subject matter of the essay is less important than the quality of writing and the insight it provides the admissions counselors into who you are as a person. Choose an incident or an accomplishment that you think no other applicant could possibly discuss.

  2. Tell your story

    When you write about your accomplishment or experience, don't just tell what happened. Instead, focus on how this experience changed you. The admissions counselors want to know who you were before this experience and how it made you the person you are today.

  3. Perfect your essay

    Rewrite your essay until it is tightly written with no wasted words. Make sure the essay prompts the admissions counselors to want to admit you. Proofread carefully to remove any grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.