How Would You Write a Descriptive Paragraph About Your Favorite Room?

To write a descriptive paragraph about your favorite room, think about the feelings your favorite room inspires, and provide details that paint a picture for the reader. Include information about the room by appealing to the senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste.

The Writing Center at Indiana University of Pennsylvania suggests that you focus on the dominant impression, or main point, that you want the paragraph to make about the room. For example, if the dominant impression of the room is that it gives comfort and solace, provide details explaining why. Describe the soft bed and velvety pillows, for instance. Try to find a close relationship between objects, such as furniture, and the feelings they inspire. For instance, a plush leather sofa provides relaxation and some relief from stress. Also, provide details about the activities you like to do in the room and how they give a sense of comfort. Use clear and vivid language. Words such as “pretty” do not paint strong images. Instead, use specific descriptions like “is covered in yellow wallpaper with pink roses.” Figurative language, including the use of metaphors, similes and analogies, is useful in descriptive writing. Make comparisons to drive the point. For instance, when describing something as being “as soft as a baby’s skin,” it gives the reader a clear idea of how soft the object is. Finally, do not confuse the reader by straying from the main point. Stick to the dominant impression and include only the details that support it.