Why Would I Want to Join a Sorority?

would-want-join-sorority Credit: Maria Taglienti-Molinari/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Sororities encourage one to become involved in the community, develop leadership skills and pursue lifetime goals with passion. The sisterhood that sorority members experience helps females build confidence and lasting friendships that are beneficial throughout their lives. Sorority members are also granted special privileges on and off campus.

According to U.S. News, some of the main advantages of becoming a member of a sorority are a strong sense of belonging, access to special events and solid connections to help one advance. A sorority can aid a young lady on a scholastic level while in college and become a powerful force to help her build a career after college. Young sorority members are often invited to exclusive celebrations that only Greek members have access to. Sorority members may be able to attain entry into skilled professions and reputable businesses easier because of their positive affiliation with a Greek sorority.

Sororities have been around for hundreds of years and still remain a popular aspect of college life. Sororities have unique admission processes that determine whether or not a lady is accepted into the group. After the individual passes a series of tests, a member vote often determines if she is honorably welcomed into the fold.