How Would You Use the Word "surmounted" in a Sentence?


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One way to use "surmounted" is in the following sentence: "She surmounted a number of obstacles to realize her dream of becoming a doctor." "Surmounted" in this sentence means "overcame."

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Another use of "surmounted" appears in the statement, "I surmounted the suspension bridge with great trepidation, but I was proud when I reached the other side." In this case, "surmounted" means "climbed on top of and crossed over." The word also means "to be atop of," as in the following sentence: "The star that surmounted the Christmas tree had been in her family for several generations." The word originates from the French and dates back to the 14th century. The "sur" prefix means "beyond," and "monter" means "to go up."

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