How Would You Prepare for the GED En Espanol?

The General Education Development test measures high school-level skills in science, mathematics, social studies, and reading and writing. To prepare for the Spanish version, become familiar with these subjects through Spanish test preparation materials and practice tests. Community courses, online courses and home study are common solutions, says

The General Education Development test is a series of exams that lead to the equivalent of an American or Canadian high school diploma. The GED Testing Service provides the exams, and they must be taken through a certified testing center. Each state has its own requirements for how to qualify. As of 2015, the exams and are offered in English, Spanish and French.

To prepare for the Spanish GED exams, enrolling in a community course is one effective option, says Various institutes, public libraries and colleges offer GED courses in Spanish. Spanish GED preparation courses are also available online. Many courses require an enrollment fee, but there are also online preparation tools offered free-of-charge. The GED Testing Service offers free preparation materials on its website in English and Spanish.

If you prefer to prepare independently for the GED tests, study at home with books and practice exams. Various local and online bookstores sell books that contain GED study materials in Spanish, and many of these books include practice tests inside.