How Would One Write a Personal Philosophy of Early Childhood Education?


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In order to write a personal philosophy of early childhood education, a person must first develop a philosophy of teaching for early childhood education and then detail it effectively in paragraph form. There is not a current required format or set content rule, but most personal philosophies of early childhood education are 1-2 pages in length and use present, first-person tense.

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When developing a personal philosophy of teaching for early childhood education, a person must think about the type of teacher that they wish to be. He or she must decide on a preferred style of teaching. With this teaching style, the person's individual strengths as a teacher should also be used. It is also important to consider how special needs, diversity and various learning styles will be approached in the classroom.

Once this personal philosophy has been set, the philosophy can be written. The philosophy should avoid technical terms and should include the teaching strategies and methods that the person will use. It is also important to make sure that the document is unique so that application committees will remember the philosophy and the teacher who wrote it. Make sure to discuss the possibilities of family inclusion in the classroom as well as how classroom conflict will be dealt with.

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