Why Would You Go to College?


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Going to college enables a college graduate to earn more money over the course of a lifetime than someone who doesn't go, reports Pew Research Center in a 2014 article. College graduates have lower unemployment and poverty rates. In addition going to college can empower you with a rich education that is intellectually stimulating and personally fulfilling.

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With the rising cost of education many potential students question whether a college education is worth it in the 21st century. There's increasing concern about the value of an expensive education, especially considering college graduates often work in retail or jobs that don't require a degree, says Joann Weiner in a 2014 article.

Pew Research Center and Weiner both conclude that not going to college is more costly than paying for a high-priced education. College graduates have better health and more stable marriages than those without degrees, notes Weiner. State colleges offer lower tuition than private schools, while grants and scholarships can help cushion the blow to a student's wallet.

Apart from the financial price, obtaining a college education is intellectually enlightening and rewarding on a personal level. College is a time to learn more about yourself and develop your interests. It encourages growth on numerous levels.

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