What Are Some of the World's Highest IQ Scores?

Some of the highest IQs in history have been 180, 194, 210, 225 and 250. Many of these IQ scores have been held by scientists, mathematicians, world-class chess players and child prodigies.

Many high IQs are held by scientists and mathematicians including famous names such as Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein as well as lesser known child prodigies Kim Ung-Jong, Christopher Hirata and Terence Tao. Two of the highest IQs in history, 170 and 194, are held by chess champions Judit Polgar and Garry Kasparov, respectively. Polgar is considered to be the greatest female chess player of all time, while Kasparov has been ranked the no. 1 chess player in the world for 225 of his 228 months of professional play.