What Are Some Worksheets That Focus on Newton's Laws?


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The Glencoe Science website features several excellent worksheet excerpts from the company's "Science Voyages" textbook that focus primarily on utilizing Newton's first, second and third laws to describe general motion. Online resource bank "The Physics Classroom" also reserves a section of its curriculum corner for Newton's laws worksheets and discussion.

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The packet of informational classroom material available at The Physics Classroom includes worksheets on mass and weight, net force and acceleration, free body diagrams, friction, balanced versus unbalanced forces, and air resistance. Worksheet packets at both sites focus on expository learning and basic problem solving in order to teach pupils valuable skills while also allowing them to learn the concepts for themselves. Teachers attempting to download these worksheets must have Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF reader. Websites that focus on providing resources for parent-teachers attempting to homeschool their children also have specialized Newton-related worksheets, including word searches and crossword puzzles featuring vocabulary terms from the three laws of motion. For educators who are reluctant to use worksheets in the classroom, these sites also offer interactive online games that explore theories of motion and simple concepts in physics by allowing students to view the effects of Newton's laws for themselves.

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