What Are Some Worksheet Ideas for Teaching Kids to Count Money?


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To use a worksheet to teach kids how to count money, put pictures of grocery items on a page with prices, prompt children to choose what they would like to eat, and ask the kids to determine how much money they need to pay for the meal. Alternately, list popular songs on a worksheet with a price next to each song, and then ask the kids how much money they would need to purchase their 10 favorite songs.

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Worksheets can also teach kids how to count money by including a total price of items on a page and the dollar amount provided by the customer. Students must then determine the change to give back to the customer. Instructors can teach kids how to count money by providing them with play money and creating worksheets that detail items they need to survive such as food and hygiene products. The students must then determine how many items they can afford with their allotted play money.

Worksheets about money not only teach children how to count bills and change but also how to manage funds. Activities at home or in the classroom can revolve around lessons about how to save money and how to count change back to customers.

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