What Are Some Worksheet Ideas for the Scientific Method?


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Worksheets dealing with the scientific method should include all the questions answered while going through a scientific procedure. These questions include everything from describing the problem to reaching a final conclusion.

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Instructors should begin any worksheet by asking students to describe the problem and what they are testing. The next step should include outside research, which asks if others researchers have also done work on this or a similar problem. This worksheet should then ask students to formulate a hypothesis using a simple if/then formula. Afterward, a student should be asked to design the experiment itself. This step needs to include materials and the proper steps to be taken during experimentation.

Worksheets should remember to ask students to collect data as they are going through the experimentation step. With that data in hand, students should then be asked to begin reaching conclusions based on their observations. Data should be summarized in written form and also presented in graphical form. This allows the student to communicate their ideas both in detailed verbal descriptions, as well as with graphical aids that allow for a quick summarization of the data.

Finally, the worksheet should ask students to make conclusions based on their observations. Was the hypothesis confirmed? Was it proven wrong? What lessons could be made and how might they apply to other experiments? Students can then be asked to review all the steps they took during this initial experiment and apply them to a second experiment.

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