How Do You Do a Works Cited Page?

A works cited page must list every reference made to another source in alphabetical order, according to the last name of the first listed author. This must be located on a separate page at the end of the document and follow a specified structure.

  1. Identify the sources

    Each reference must be recorded during the writing process. Include full bibliographical information for each source. This includes the authors' names, title of the work, including journal name and number if necessary, publication date and publisher's name and location.

  2. Alphabetize the list

    Each entry must be alphabetized according to the last name of the first listed author. The first and last names should be reversed, with the remaining names listed as they appear in the author credits.

  3. Include all the bibliographical information

    In the listing, the author's name comes first, followed by the name of the source being cited. An article or short piece found within a larger work should generally have the first letter of every word capitalized. Journal titles should be placed in quotations, and book titles should be italicized. Following this, include the publisher's location without reference to the state, as well as the publisher's name. Finally, include the publication date, or most recent copyright date, from the copyright page of the book and the format of the source, such as print or audio.

  4. Creating the works cited page

    Once all the citation information is gathered together, move it to a separate page. At the top, type the words "Works Cited" without quotations or italics. Format the page with double spacing. Each entry should be separate and in alphabetical order. Do not add an extra line space between entries.