What Are Some Words That Start With X?


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Words that start with the letter x include xenophile, xenophobe, xenogenous, xenogamy and xylophone. A xenophile is one who appreciates things foreign, whereas a xenophobe hates and fears foreign things. A xenogenous thing has foreign origins. Xenogamy is the practice of marrying foreigners. A xylophone is a musical instrument.

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More words beginning with x include xerophyte, xiphoid, xenolith, xylem and xylophagous. A xerophyte is a plant that thrives in an environment with little moisture. A xiphoid object has the shape of a sword. A xenolith is a fragment of rock foreign to the igneous rock in which it is embedded. Xylem is the woody, water-conducting tissue of vascular plants. A xylophagous insect feeds on wood.

Other words that begin with x are xanthochroid, xenia, Xhosa, xebec and xiphisternum. Xanthochroid refers to the phenotype of persons who are fair-complected and light-haired. When the pollen from one strain of a plant is transferred to the seed of another strain of plant, the effect is called xenia. The Xhosa are a Bantu people native to the Cape of Good Hope Province in South Africa. A xebec is a three-masted vessel flying square and triangular sails once common to the Mediterranean Sea. The xiphisternum is the posterior and smallest of the sternum's three divisions.

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