What Are Some Words That Start With Q Without a U?


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Some words that start with Q and don't have a U include "qi," "qat," "qwerty," "qaid," "qadi" and "qindar." Though these words break the "Q is always followed by U" rule, they are accepted words in the Scrabble-style game "Words with Friends."

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"Qi" is an alternate spelling of the word "chi." Qi is the life force that followers of Chinese medicine believe circulates around the body. A qat is a type of plant that grows in Arabia and Africa. The leaves of this shrub can be used as a narcotic.

The seemingly contemporary word "qwerty" actually dates back to the 1920s. This word is used to describe the standard keyboard setup. It comes from the letters that make up the uppermost row of the keyboard.

"Qaid" is an English word that dates back to the 1800s. It comes from an Arabic word that means "leader" and is used in reference to a leader or judge. A qadi is a judge. This word is used to describe people who work in this capacity in Muslim communities. A qindar is a monetary unity in Albania. In its home country, the word is used the same way that "cent" is used in the United States, as 100 qindars go into each lek, which is Albania's equivalent of the dollar.

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