What Are Some Words That Start With "Q" in English?


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Examples of English words that start with the letter "Q" include "quelled," "queen," "quest," "quantum" and "queries." Other words that start with "Q" include "quackery," "quadrant," "quote" and "quixote."

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"Quelled" is a form of the word "quell," which means to suppress, end or extinguish. It also means to vanquish or subdue and to quiet. The derives from the Middle English word "quellen" and the Old English "cwellan," which means to kill.

Other forms of "quell" include "quellable," "queller" and "unquellable." In its basic form, "quell" is used as a verb. An example of this word in a sentence is "The teacher quelled the classroom with her stern voice and angry eyes."

The word "queen" is a noun that has many meanings. It refers to a female monarch, sovereign or the wife of a king as well as a playing card image of a queen and the queen piece in the game chess. "Queen" can also refer to any woman or something personified as a woman that garners a lot of respect. One example of this word in a sentence is "My opponent made a move with his rook that forced me to sacrifice my queen in order to put his king in check."

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