What Are Some Words That Start With the Letter "V"?


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Some popular English words that start with the letter "V" include "vase," "value" and "valedictorian." Some other popular words include "valiant," "verify," "vocal" and "vent."

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The letter "V" originated from the Semitic letter "Waw," along with many other modern letters, including "F," "U," "W" and "Y." In Greek script, the letter upsilon "?" was adapted from the letter "Waw" to initially represent the vowel "U." This was later changed to the front-rounded vowel that spelled "ü" in German. In Latin script, a stemless variation of the upsilon shape was borrowed to form the basis of the letter "V." This was done either directly from the Western Greek alphabet or indirectly from the Etruscan alphabet.

During the Late Middle Ages, the alphabet evolved to develop two forms of "V," and both were used to represent the modern "V" and the ancestral "U." The pointed form of "V" was typically written at the start of a word, while the rounded form of "U" was written at the middle or the end of the word, regardless of the word's sound. This resulted in words such as "have" and "upon" being spelled as "haue" and "vpon." It was not until the 16th century that the letters were established as definite consonants and vowels.

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