What are some words that start with the letter "J"?


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Many words start with the letter ���J,��� such as "jet," "jig," "junk," "jaded" and "jurors." The shortest word that starts with the letter ���J��� in the English language is "jo," which has just two letters, and the longest words that start with the letter ���J��� are "journalistically" and "jurisdictionally," with 16 letters each. Many verbs begin with the letter ���J,��� such as "jump," "juggle," "joust" and "jumble," as do the names of several countries, including Japan, Jersey, Jamaica and Jordan.

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The phonetic spelling of ���J��� in the English language is "jay," and another use is "yod," its palatal approximant. The letter ���J��� is the 10th letter in both the modern English and ISO basic Latin alphabets. The letter ���J��� comes from the swash letter "i," which Romans used following another ���i��� at the end of Roman numerals. While Middle High German speakers used the letter ���J,��� it was Gian Giorgio Trissino who first distinguished it from the letter ���I��� in his 1524 work ���Trissino���s Epistle about the Letters Recently Added in the Italian Language.���

While ���I��� and ���J��� were once different shapes for the same letter, new sounds developed in Romance languages that further separated them. While many words begin with the letter ���J,��� it is the letter found fourth-least frequently in the English language, ahead of only ���Z,��� ���G��� and ���X.��� It is more common to find the letter ���J��� in proper nouns such as personal names.

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