What Are Some Words That Start With the Letter "A"?


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The letter "A" is one of the most popularly used letters in the English language, and some words that begin with it are "aardvark," "abnormal" and "abject." Other words include "area," "atrophy" and "analogy."

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The earliest confirmed ancestor of the letter "A" is the letter "Aleph," which was the first letter of the Phoenician alphabet. The origins of the letter "Aleph," in turn, may come from the pictogram of the ox head in proto-Sinaitic script, which was influenced by Egyptian hieroglyphs. This pictogram was styled as a triangle with two horns extending from it.

The Phoenician alphabet's letter was linear in its form, which served as a base for later forms of the letter. When ancient Greeks first adopted the alphabet, they removed the glottal stop and used their adaptation to represent a vowel "A," giving it the name "Alpha." In the earliest Greek inscriptions after the culture's Dark Ages, users wrote the letter as if it were resting on its side. In later instances of the Greek alphabet, however, the letter began to resemble the modern capital letter, though local variations included shortening legs or adding italics.

In modern renditions in the English language, the lowercase version of the letter features two forms: the single-story and the double-story.

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