What Are Some Words With Long A Sounds?


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Some commonly used words that contain long A sounds are "baby," "paper," "table," "nation," "lady," "major," "radio," "April," "cable," "label," "data," "fatal," "apron" and "potato." The long A sound is pronounced "ayy," like the name of the letter.

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In many cases, the pronunciation of a word with a long A is indicated by the other letters in the word or by the word's final letter. For example, the word "made" has a long A sound because of the word's final letter E. Without the final E, the word becomes "mad," which has a short A sound and completely different meaning. Other common words that are pronounced with a long A due to a final letter E include "bake," "make," "lake," "crate," "grate," "skate," "inflate," "migrate," "estimate" and "translate."

In other cases, a word will be pronounced with a long A sound because the letter A is followed by the letter I. Some examples of words that fit this criteria include "aim," "mail," "gain," "fail," "main" and "chain." Similarly, a word may be pronounced with a long A sound if the letter A is immediately followed by the letter Y. Common words that fit this scenario are "day," "play" and "betray."

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