What Are Some Words Containing All of the Letters W, O, L, E, Z, T and V?


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There are two words that contain the letters w, o, l, e, z, t and v: slivowitzes, and vowelization. Slivowitz is an alternative spelling of the word slivovitz, which is a colorless brandy obtained by distilling fermented plums that is popular in Central and Eastern Europe.

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Slivovitz derives from the Serbo-Croat word for plum, sljiva, and generally contains the fruit or juices of the Damson plum grown in South Tyrol. It usually has a high alcohol content and a bitter aftertaste. Vowelization is a nominalization of the word vowelize and is the act of inserting or providing vowel points or vowel marks, particularly into shorthand or Hebrew text.

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