What Are Some Words That Contain Silent E's?

Many English words contain a silent e, which is often present at the end of a word, as is the case in words such as love, give, brave and drive. Pause, grace, date, fate and stripe also contain silent e's

Sometimes, the letter e serves to make a vowel sound long instead of short. For example, words such as mode and dine would have different pronunciations and meanings altogether if not for the silent e at the end of the word. In other instances, the silent e serves to soften the consonant that comes before it. Words such as courage and gauge are both pronounced with a soft g at the end of the word. Other words that end with a silent e include stove, maze, lace, robe and cube, as do die, pie, time, make and bake. However, just because a word ends with an e does not mean that the e is silent.

Many words commonly used in English are in fact borrowed from other languages and so do not conform to English pronunciation. The word adobe, for instance, is a Spanish word meaning "sun-dried brick," but it is pronounced with a long vowel sound at the end instead of a silent e.