What Are Some Words That Begin With X?

What Are Some Words That Begin With X?

Some words that start with the letter "X" are "xeric," "x-ray," "xerophyte" and "xeroma." Other words starting with the letter "X" are "xenograft," "xylol," "xenon" and "xerodema." The letter "X" is one of the least-commonly used letters in the English alphabet.

The word "xeric" is an adjective of Greek origin. It is defined as having to do with a dry environment. A xerophyte is a plant that can survive with very little water. The word has a German origin.

One of the most frequently used words beginning with "X" is "x-ray," another word with a German origin. An x-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation. It has a short wavelength and high frequency when compared to visible light. X-rays are commonly used in hospitals. The word "x-ray" can also be used as a verb, meaning to use x-rays in examination, photography or treatment.

"Xeroderma" is a medical term. It signifies skin that is abnormally dry. Xeroderma can be caused by numerous problems, such as vitamin-A deficiency, overexposure to sunlight, reaction to medication or systemic illness. Hypothyroidism and Sjogren's syndrome are two diseases that result in xeroderma.

A few other words beginning with the letter "X" are "xerographic," "xerography" and "xenophobia."