What Are Some Words That Begin With M?


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Some commonly used words that begin with the letter "m" are "magazine," "map," "magic," "music," "majority" and "machine," which are all nouns. Verbs that begin with this letter include "make," "march" and "manage," and adjectives include "many," "mad" and "magical." The most commonly used word beginning with "m" is the word "my," which indicates singular possession.

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What Are Some Words That Begin With M?
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The words "my," "me," "make" and "most" are in the top 100 most commonly used words in the English language, based on analysis of the Oxford English Corpus. One of the most common nouns beginning with the letter "m" is "man."

Another important "m" word in the English language is the word "mother." Many synonyms of this word also begin with "m," including mom, mama, and ma. The root word "ma" is the most common root word in the world. It is found even in non-Indo-European languages such as Chinese. In most languages, the meanings of this root word relates to motherhood.

The letter "m" evolved from the Phoenician "mem" and the Greek "mu." The Semitic symbol for mem likely originally pictured water, and the symbol came from an Egyptian hieroglyph for water that was adopted by Semitic people working in Egypt around 2000 B.C.

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