What Are Some Words That Begin With the Letter P?


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Some common words that begin with the letter p include pizza, penny, police and penguin. Some less-common words that begin with the letter p include peterman, pinguid, portolan and previse.

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Most people are familiar with the word "pizza," a type of Italian dish that consists of baked bread, tomato-based sauce, cheese and toppings of meat and vegetables. "Penny," another common term, is a unit of currency, 100 of which make up a dollar. The term "police" refers to a unit of law enforcement at the local or national level, typically responsible for keeping public order and stopping crime. A penguin is a black and white, flightless seabird from the Southern hemisphere that spends much of its time swimming and diving.

A word many may be unfamiliar with is "peterman," which refers to an expert in cracking and robbing safes. The word "pinguid" describes something that looks oily or greasy, such as fat. Another uncommon "p" word, "portolan" is a book about sailing that includes directions, charts and descriptions of destinations. "Previse" is a verb that describes the act of looking into the future to prophesy an event. While at first glance this word may seem unfamiliar, its preface and root, "pre" and "vise," indicate looking beforehand.

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