What Are Some Words That Begin With L?


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Some words that begin with L include names of animals, such as "lamb," "leopard" and "ladybird," as well as names of common plants, such as "larch," "lily" and "laurel." There are many adjectives starting with L, such as "long," "lavish" and "lazy," and nouns, such as "lake" and "language."

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Some words starting with L can have more than one meaning, depending on their use. For example, "land" can be used as a noun or as a verb, and "last" can be a pronoun or a verb. Words starting with L can fall into many grammatical categories; nouns can be used as subjects, such as in the sentence "the lion eats meat," or as objects, such as "the hunter killed the lion."

Some words starting with L function as adverbs; for example, "later" is a common adverb of time. Other adverbs are "likely," "lightly" and "least." Words starting with L can also be combined within the same sentence to form alliterations, such as in the sentences "the lion licked his lips" and "her love languished in the limelight." There are both short and long words starting with the letter L. Some examples of short words include "lab," "lip" and "lie," while some longer words are "landlord," "laudanum" and "lavender."

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