How Do You Word a School Absence Letter?

Write a school absence letter by beginning with the date or time of the absence and an explanation of the reason for missing school. The letter should include sincere wording such as "We regret to inform you that Joe will be missing school on Monday to attend a funeral for his grandfather." The wording should be honest and accurate when detailing the reason for the absence.

Keep the wording formal and professional when writing a letter of absence. Use phrases such as "unfortunately, this absence could not be avoided" and "we have made arrangements for all missed work to be completed by the time our child returns to school" to show that the absence is necessary but that the student or family is taking responsibility for the time missed. Teachers and administrators need to know that the student is taking the class or schoolwork seriously even during time off that is unavoidable.

A letter of absence should also include contact information for the student or parents. Many schools require documentation for missed time at school. Use wording such as "we will have our son bring a doctor's note to document his absence" to show that you understand school policies regarding unexcused or excused absences.