What Are Some Word Problems for Sixth Grade?

What Are Some Word Problems for Sixth Grade?

Sixth grade math covers many different topics, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of decimals and fractions, percentages, negative numbers, and graphing on a coordinate plane. The following problems are examples of word problems a sixth grader might encounter.

This problem involves adding and subtracting decimals:

"Helen is raising money for a class trip. She receives donations of $33.50, $10.00, $14.99, $28.00 and $0.75. How much money has Helen raised? How much more does she need to raise if her goal is $100?"

To solve this problem, first add the donations. The total is $87.24. Then, subtract this total from $100. The result is $12.76 remaining for Helen to raise.

This word problem involves percentages:

"Grace wants to buy a book that costs $9.50. There is an additional sales tax of 5%. Is $10 enough money? If not, how much more money will Grace need?"

To solve this problem, first find the value of the sales tax. It is $0.475 (which rounds to $0.48). Then, add the tax to the book price. The total is $9.98, so $10 is enough money for Grace to buy the book.

This word problem involves negative numbers:

"The warmest temperature ever recorded on Earth is 134° Fahrenheit, and the coldest temperature ever recorded is -128° Fahrenheit. What is the difference between these two temperatures?"

To solve this problem, subtract -128 from 134. The result, 262, is the difference between the two temperatures.