What Word Games Can You Use to Study English Grammar?


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Word games from educational websites can teach English grammar. The games include “Grammar Gorillas,” “Word Confusion” and “The Plural Girls” from Funbrain.com. Another game is “Verbs in Space” from SheppardSoftware.com. Fans of board games can enjoy You’ve Been Sentenced, which focuses on sentence construction.

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Players learn to spot the parts of speech in “Grammar Gorillas.” They read sentences and select the underlined words that represent the displayed instructions. Players receive banana rewards for correct answers. In “Word Confusion,” players select the correct homophones to complete sentences. They get plates of vegetable salads as rewards for correct results.

“The Plural Girls” requires players to spell the correct plurals of the displayed words. They can type their answers in the blank spaces or choose multiple-choice questions. Players learn to identify verbs in “Verbs in Space.” They score points by striking the robots that are holding the verbs and identify nouns and adjectives in the next levels of the game.

In You’ve Been Sentenced, one player creates grammatically correct sentences from cards containing a variety of words. The words include names of well-known places and people. The jury, consisting of other players, awards points for the accepted sentences. The game is appropriate for players aged 8 and above.

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