How Do You Word a Funeral Thank You Note to Co-Workers?

Writing an appropriate note of thanks to co-workers after you have lost a loved one requires thinking about how close you are to your colleagues and the specific ways in which they've chosen to acknowledge your loss. Set aside time immediately after a funeral to respond to the people who attended as well as those who sent notes of sympathy and gifts.

  1. Acknowledge what your colleagues did for you related to your work

    Attending and preparing for a funeral often involves taking time off from work. Acknowledge the support your colleagues provided by helping cover for your absence or helping you with your work.

  2. Thank your colleagues for any gifts

    If your colleagues sent flowers, made a charitable donation, attended the funeral, or took other actions to support you in a difficult time, be sure to mention that in your thank-you letter so they know you appreciated their thoughts and deeds.

  3. Address your letter appropriately

    In some cases, you can address a single letter to your supervisor, an office manager or another colleague who was responsible for communicating your loss to your colleagues. They can then share that note with your co-workers.

  4. Write individual letters where appropriate

    In many cases, you may find that a few colleagues who know you or your family well have done more than others in response to your loss. Write them separate letters to acknowledge the deeper relationship you have with them.