What Word Can You Form With the Letters V, A, N, T, D, A, E, G and A?

The letters v, a, n, t, d, a, e, g and a form the word "advantage." Advantage is a noun that is generally defined as a situation, position or a condition that is more favorable than others in achieving success or any desired end such as in "the advantage of a 20/20 vision."

The word "advantage" can also mean a benefit or a gain as in the following examples.

  • The loss of their star quarterback due to injury turned out to be an advantage for their team.
  • It will be to her advantage if she took some Japanese lessons before moving to Tokyo.

Advantage may also be used to describe superiority (which is often followed by against or over) as shown in the following examples.

  • Tall players have an advantage against short players in basketball.
  • The extra horsepower in his car's engine gave him an advantage over the other drag racers.

The phrase "to take advantage of" is another use for the word as an idiom that means: to utilize someone or something for gain, or to exploit or impose upon in an unfair manner. Other idioms using the word advantage include "to have the advantage of," which means to be in a favorable or superior position; and "to advantage" meaning to good effect.

In tennis, advantage is also used to refer to a point gained by either player after deuce.