What Is the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test?

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is an aptitude test that measures an individual’s ability to learn, adapt and solve problems. Widely accepted by companies, this general intelligence test has been in use over 75 years and is supported by 200 million administrators. The cognitive ability test is available in two versions, the first being a pretest followed by the main test.

The Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test is highly regarded and offers a reliable aptitude skills testing format that can help simplify hiring process. Companies use this test to select deserving candidates who have the basic intelligence and cognitive skills to carry out the designated role. The test allows companies to designate positions according to the results. In addition to achieving employee satisfaction, the company benefits by increasing retention and fostering productivity. The test helps companies reduce involuntary turnover, decrease training time and save valuable resources.

This cognitive ability test by Wonderlic is trusted by over 50,000 organizations. The pretest, known as the Wonderlic Personnel Test – Quicktest, is an unproctored online test to prequalify candidates before in-person evaluation by companies. This allows companies to focus on candidates who match expected potential. The Wonderlic Personnel Test measures general mental ability and tests logical skills required to predict job success.