Why Do More Women Take Nursing Classes Than Men?


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More women take nursing classes than men because nursing is a career that has traditionally been dominated by women. According to data from 2014, only one in ten nurses is male. Aside from traditional gender roles and public perception, there are several other factors, such as flexible work schedules, advanced degrees and job mobility, that also play a role in the link between gender and nursing.

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Many people consider nursing to be a female career. This is because nursing has been labeled as a feminine activity for so many years and because there has never been a large male presence in the field. Some have suggested that in order to remove this traditional connotation, that a new gender-neutral term should be created and embraced by the health care industry.

Although women drastically outnumber men in the nursing field, studies have shown that male nurses usually make more money than female nurses. This may be caused by gender inequality or the fact that, when men do pursue careers as nurses, they typically are involved in more high-paying and high-stress vocational nursing fields. Men are also more likely to pursue advanced nursing degrees and more likely to work night shifts, both of which directly relate to higher pay.

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