What Are Some Wise Quotes About Love?

What Are Some Wise Quotes About Love?

Some wise quotes about love can be found on Brownielocks, such as "Love is the fruit in season at all times," by Mother Teresa. Other love quotes by Jean Anouilh and Agnes Repplier also appear on the Brownielocks website.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr. advises that we should not waste any opportunity to let someone know we love them. Jean Paul Sartre explains the mathematics of love by saying that one plus one is one. According to Leo Buscaglia, a person doesn't fall in love or fall out of love. Rather, they grow in love.

The Brainy Quote website shares some wise quotes about love. This site quotes H. Jackson Brown, Jr. as saying that when one person loves another, they value the loved one's happiness more than their own happiness. Max Muller observes that flowers can't blossom in the absence of sunlight, and people can't live in the absence of love.

It is Franklin P. Jones' opinion that love isn't what makes the world go around, but it is what gives value to the ride. Mother Teresa advises that we spread love around wherever we go. She says we should never let anyone come to us without making them happier than they were before they came.

Your Tango website is a reference for love quotes by famous people, such as Pablo Picasso, Benjamin Franklin and Janos Arany.