What Are Some Widely-Used Verbs?


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Some widely used verbs in the English language are "to want," "to use," "to work," "to call" and "to ask." Other common verbs are "to be," "to have," "to do," "to say" and "to go."

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Verbs in the English language generally represent actions. They have different forms based on tense and plurality. Simple present tense uses the base form of the verb. "To want" becomes "want," "to use" becomes "use" and "to call" becomes "call." Third person singular forms in simple present add an "s" at the end of the verb.

For simple past tense, verbs generally end in "ed." "To want" becomes "wanted," "to call" becomes "called" and "to ask" becomes "asked." Some verbs conjugate differently and are called irregular verbs. "To have" becomes "has" in third person singular and "had" in simple past. "To say" conjugates to "said" in simple past.

Nearly all verbs are actions undertaken by the subject or main noun of the sentence. "To call" generally means "to command or summon" or "to communicate." "To ask" means "to put a question to" or "to request information." "To be" is a complex verb that does not actually signify an action. It signifies a state of being by indicating qualities, identities or conditions of a noun. "To be" also builds complex verb forms.

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