What Are Some Wiccan Names and Meanings?

wiccan-names-meanings Credit: Kam Abbott/CC-BY 2.0

Some masculine Wiccan or Pagan names include Abasi, which means "stern" or "stoic" and Ymir, which is a name from Old Norse mythology. Girls Wiccan or Pagan names include, A'ala, which means "fragrant" and Hilda, which means "powerful in battle."

When choosing a name, many Wiccans believe that praying will help. They recommend praying while paying attention to the signs that may otherwise get overlooked. Several names are inspired by gods and goddesses, things in nature, animals, elements and special talents.

The Wiccan goddesses have names that are often used today. Pele was the Hawaiian volcano goddess, and Selene was the Greek goddess of the moon. Rhiannon was the Celtic goddess of the moon, and Isis was the Egyptian mother goddess and matron of nature.

Wiccans and Pagans also worship male gods whose names still hold meaning. The god Tiu was a god of war and represents good faith. Apollo was the Greek god of lights, and Adonis was the Greek god of rebirth. Thoth was the Egyptian god of wisdom and magick, and Odin was the god of wisdom and wealth.

Female names derived from plants include Iris, Sage and Rowan. Names derived from animals include Raven and Wolf, and names coming from gems might include Ruby and Topaz.

Other male names may include Banning, which means "blond child," Darcy, meaning "dark," Ewen, which is a Celtic saint's name and Kado, meaning "battle."