What Were Some of the Most Unique Baby Names of 2014?


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The 2014 list of unique baby names includes such names as Ava, Mia, Aria, Aaliyah, Callie and Cadence for girls. Liam, Caden, Jayce, Dominic, Sebastian and Xander are some unique baby names for boys as of 2014.

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What Were Some of the Most Unique Baby Names of 2014?
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Listed at No. 4 on the list of girls' names is Ava, a variation of Eve. Possible meanings of the name include "bird" and "life." At No. 6 is Mia, a shortened version of Maria. The name means "mine" or "wished-for child." Aria is listed as No. 24 and means "air" in Italian.

No. 27 is Aaliyah, a name that means "exalted." Callie was the 57th most popular girl's name of 2014. It means "most beautiful." Cadence is No. 100 on the list, and it means "melodious."

For boys' names, Liam is listed as No. 3. This name has Irish roots, and its meanings include "protector" and "strong-willed warrior." Caden is listed at No. 8 and has various cultural roots. In Arabic, a variation of the name means "friend," and in Welsh it means "spirit of the battle." Jayce is listed as No. 19. This name means "healer."

No. 40 is Dominic, which means "belonging to God." Sebastian is No. 43, and it means "revered." Xander comes in at No. 95. Its meaning is "protector of men."

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