What Were Some of the Most Uncommon Baby Names in 2014?


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There were many uncommon baby names in 2014, including girl names such as Agape, Cheska and Juju. The list of male names were no less uncommon, with names that included Darko, Albin and Blayde.

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What Were Some of the Most Uncommon Baby Names in 2014?
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In 2014, 52 percent of parents reported liking unusual names, which was up from 42 percent the previous year. Most parents searching for uncommon names go with ones that are very obscure. Names such as Maisie or Fletcher can be found on most lists of baby names, but some parents have gone to a whole new level of naming their offspring.

Hyacinth can be found on many lists, as well as Quorra, which are both considered female names. Some parents have been naming their baby boys after characters in The Hunger Games, like Finnick, or after their favorite band Zeppelin. The sky is the limit in this day and age. Babies in 2014 could also be named things like Saffron, Simba, Wolf or Rhythm.

The most common critic of the name chosen for a child is it's grandmother. According to 46 percent of soon-to-be parents, their mothers have the biggest negative reaction to the name they choose, while grandpa's are only negative 18 percent of the time. In most couples, picking a baby name is a joint decision. However, 22 percent of baby names are decided by the mother-to-be. Seventeen percent of baby names are finalized after choosing a middle name that creates a nice ring.

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