What Were Some Popular Irish Names for Boys in 2014?


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For 2014, the top Irish names for boys, Aiden and Liam, were also the top names overall coming in second and third. The list of popular Irish names for boys changes over time. Each year the Social Security Administration releases the top baby names of the prior year.

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What Were Some Popular Irish Names for Boys in 2014?
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The 2014 list of Irish names for boys born in Ireland shows that parents in Ireland are often inclined to go with tradition when naming their child. The top names for boys in 2014 were Jack, James, Daniel, Conor, Adam, Ryan, Harry. Liam, Luke and Charlie.

Irish names have long been popular for children in the United States. In 2014, some of the most popular Irish baby names for boys in the United States were Aiden, Liam, Sean, Conor and Patrick.

As of 2015, many modern Irish names are actually updated versions of old Irish surnames. For example, Riley and Brayden are derived from the surnames for the ? Raghaillaigh and ? Bradaoin families. These names mean "descendant of Raghaillaigh" and "salmon," respectively. Similarly, Austin is an updated version of Aghaistin, which is related to the name Augustine and means "great." Some parents choose to give these traditionally masculine Irish names to girls too.

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