What Were the Most Popular Girl Names in the 1880s?


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The most popular girl names between 1880 and 1889 included Ida, Minnie, Margaret, Elizabeth, Emma, Anna and Mary. Of these, Mary was the most popular name overall, with 91,669 out of 1,399,593 girls receiving it at birth.

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What Were the Most Popular Girl Names in the 1880s?
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The name Mary continued to be popular into the 1960s, the first 2 years of which it was again the most popular name overall. It was overtaken in 1962 by Lisa, which did not feature among the 200 most popular girls' names of the 1880s. Jennifer, or Jennie, and Emily are another two girl's names that have long been among the most popular.

There has been a resurgence in the popularity of antiquated names like Mary. Alongside a taste for vintage clothes and fashions, parents have developed a liking for unique but storied, historical names. The following vintage girls' names are all taken from the 200 most popular during the 1880s:

  • Flossie (198th)
  • Adeline (196th)
  • Eunice (170th)
  • Ola (150th)
  • Lola or Lela (128th and 129th)
  • Amelia (100th)
  • Lydia (79th)
  • May or Mae (61st and 63rd)
  • Myrtle (37th)
  • Cora (23rd)
  • Clara (9th)

When choosing vintage names for children, parents often go for the softer, quirkier options. For instance, while the five most popular boys' names during the 1880s were John, William, James, George and Charles, popular vintage names for boys include Eli, Silas, Leo and Charlie.

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