What Is the Welligent System Used by the Los Angeles Unified School District?

What Is the Welligent System Used by the Los Angeles Unified School District?

The Welligent system is a district-wide web-based application that the Los Angeles Unified School District uses for online individualized education programs. The system also tracks related services that the students receive, such as speech therapy, learning therapy, physical therapy, vision and hearing screenings and nursing services.

The Welligent system tracks all programs and services that students receive during the course of their education. It therefore allows administrators to monitor service delivery and the time lines of the individualized education programs. The administrators can also use the system to generate reports that comply with special education regulations.

Welligent is also a billing system for medical services that students receive. Administrators can use it to send invoices electronically to Medi-Cal and other insurance providers. This is to seek reimbursement for health services that the students receive.

The mission statement of the Welligent system is to provide professional development, guidance and support to all its users in a measurable, outcome-based, timely and appropriate manner. Therefore, it helps in the implementation of special education policies.

To log into the Welligent system, the user needs a user name and password. First time users can set up an account with a password. They must also set up a password hint question and answer for password recovery purposes.