How Do You Do Well in School?

How Do You Do Well in School?

To do well in school, take challenging classes, show up every day, sit in the front of the classroom, ask questions, do all homework assignments, and join a study group. Also, create a study space at home, use a planner to record assignments, and meditate.

  1. Select challenging classes

    Pick the classes you'll get the most from. Do not pick classes simply to acquire easy credits.

  2. Attend every day

    Regular attendance is vital. If you don't show up for classes regularly, you are less likely to do well in school.

  3. Sit in front of the classroom

    Sitting in the front of the classroom allows you to hear and see better and get more from the lesson being taught.

  4. Ask questions

    Do not be afraid to ask questions when you are confused or require clarification. If you can't ask the question immediately, make note of it and ask the teacher after class.

  5. Complete all assignments

    Complete all homework and classroom assignments and take practice tests. If extra-credit work is available, do it.

  6. Join a study group

    Studying with others helps you do well in school.

  7. Create a study space at home

    Create a comfortable study space at home that allows you to concentrate while studying. Record all assignments in a day planner.

  8. Meditate regularly

    Mediate for 15 minutes before each study session.