What Are Some Well-Known Algebra 2 Textbooks?

Some well-known Algebra 2 textbooks available on Amazon.com as of January 2016 are "Prentice-Hall Mathematics: Algebra 2," "McDougal Littell Algebra 2: Applications, Equations, Graphs," "Merrill Algebra 2," "Glencoe Algebra 2" and "Holt Algebra 2." Other popular Algebra 2 books offered on the site include "Barrons's E-Z Algebra 2," "Algebra II for Dummies," "Practice Makes Perfect Algebra II," "Let's Review Algebra 2/Trigonometry" and "Algebra Survival Guide: A Conversational Guide for the Thoroughly Befuddled."

An Algebra 2 textbook typically covers mathematical functions such as linear, polynomial, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic. The manual also instructs the student on the transformation and the inverse of functions. The text explains imaginary and complex numbers, probability and statistics, and regression analysis, as well as sequences and series.Major topics presented in Algebra 2 are trigonometric functions, graphs and equations.

Amazon.com also sells a number of workbooks for students who want additional exercises to hone their skills. "Algebra II Workbook For Dummies," for example, offers practice problems with complete answer explanations written by an experienced professor of mathematics. "CliffNotes Algebra II Practice Pack" also offers problem solutions with explanations but in addition has a series of pre-tests to discover the topics students need to study further. The book comes with a CD of practice problems formatted as flashcards.