How Do You Do Well on English Lessons?

Do well on English lessons by talking to your teacher, revising your papers and reading like a writer. These steps can all help you become a more engaged student and raise your grade in English class.

Talking to your teacher is one of the most useful strategies to improve your performance in English, because it helps highlight areas where you need improvement. In a private conference, your teacher can refer back to your assignments, pointing out specific problems to work on and offering suggestions for how to improve your skills.

Putting more time into writing assignments is another strategy to improve your English performance. If you typically turn out your papers as quickly as possible at the last minute, try to take more time on them and observe the distinct stages of the writing process, including brainstorming, drafting, revising and editing. A good paper often doesn’t become good until it has gone through multiple revisions.

Exercising active reading skills is another of the most important methods to improve your English grade. It’s not enough just to read a book; you need to work hard to analyze what the author is saying and how she is saying it. Consider the techniques an author utilizes in order to present a story effectively, and consider what these choices do for the writing and your understanding of it. Try to reread complex passages multiple times and take careful notes on what you notice.